Spring Term 2015

Head Teacher - Nicola Davernport        

Welcome to our website!  

Easter holidays March 30th - April 10th
We hope that you will find it interesting and enjoyable, and also that it will give you answers to any questions that you may have about our school.

Leechpool Primary School is a large, friendly, vibrant school for children from 4 to 11 years old, situated in north east Horsham. There are two classes in each year group, with no class having more than 30 pupils. We are fully inclusive and every child really does matter to us. We recognise the individuality of every child and endeavour to meet their needs in a caring way, always challenging and supporting them to take the next steps in their learning.

We value a partnership approach and all members of the Leechpool team: pupils, parents/carers, staff and governors have high expectations of each other. We share the important values of working hard and trying hard, so that the very best standards are achieved across the school.

We are fortunate in having a large, attractive school site. This includes a Well-Being Walk, running around the perimeter of our field and a newly created outdoor classroom, which is used in all weathers. Our pupils' views matter to us, they are responsible for making decisions about exactly what their learning environment looks like throughout the school.