On behalf of Leechpool Primary School and its learners - welcome to our website.


At Leechpool, the Governing Body is highly valued, teamwork being a priority. We work with the school, with the aim of improving standards and striving for excellence.


Good governance is not just about sitting in meetings. We endeavour to stay updated on, and apply, new legislation. Our governors are hands on and assist with school events such as fayres, fundraising events, new parents induction evenings, outings and special events. Governors also attend classes to monitor the impact of the teaching on our learners, assemblies, inset and training days, inspections and LA reviews, to name but a few areas of involvement.


Current parents are welcome to contact governors with questions or general feedback. Please note that parents should always contact the school directly with any concerns. Likewise, we encourage any prospective parents who are thinking of sending their children to Leechpool, to browse through our website and, importantly, to visit our school so you can see first hand what Leechpool has to offer.


Stephen Humphreys

Chair of Governors

Regular Governor Updates
Below is an update of the recent work we have been developing as a Governing Body.   This section of our page will be regularly updated to let all familes of the school know what issues we are addressing to improve the provision of education for the children of Leechpool.
Leechpool School Governing Body
 Mr Stephen Humphreys  Local Authority Governor: Chair of Governors
 Mr John Bentley Local Authority Governor: Vice Chair and Lead for Child Protection
 Mr Jim Rae Community Governor: Lead for Finance
 Mr Derick Bostridge  Co-Opted Governor: Lead for Public Relations and Media
 Ms Olivia Ellery  Community Governor: Lead for Human Resources
 Mrs Fiona Franklin Parent Governor: Lead for SEND
 Mr Vinod Wagjiani  Parent Governor: Lead for Internet Safety
Mrs Sara Page  Parent Governor: Lead for Parent Liaison
 Mr Gary Marlow  Co-Opted Governor: PE and Sports Premium Lead
 Mrs Nicola Davenport  Staff Governor (Headteacher)
 Mrs Michelle Letley Staff Governor: Curriculum and School Liaison Lead Governor (HLTA) - Premises/Health & Safety
 Miss Sarah Cullern  Staff Governor
 Mrs Jayne Dowell  Clerk to Governors

Mr Stephen Humphreys

Local Authority Governor: Chair of Governors

I have been involved with the school since 2014 when the governing body were looking for support on a number of school building projects.

I believe that a lot of what the governing body do has some synergy with my day job and that my business and project management experience can be utilised by the school.

Elected as Chair in 2015, it has been fantastic to be part of so many successful stories and projects. As ‘critical friend’ to the head teacher – Mrs Davenport, I provide a balance of challenge and support to both her and to the Senior Leadership Team.

It has been so rewarding to see how, as a community, school and governing body, we have been able to transform the school with new classrooms, playgrounds and lots of other projects and how the hard work of everyone at the school has resulted in us being judged as ‘Good’ with elements of 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.

Both as a parent of two boys who are Leechpool pupils and as the Chair of Governors, I am so proud of the school, the quality of teaching and learning environment provided at Leechpool by all its staff.

The governing body and school are now looking further ahead and strategically planning for the next 3 to 5 years, a period during which I hope to continue to be fully engaged with the school's development, and its continued success.

Mr John Bentley

Local Authority Governor: Vice Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Lead

I was a teacher and latterly Headteacher during a 38 year career in education. Upon my retirement I served as a governor for 10 years before moving to Horsham. I was asked if I would be prepared to be a governor in Horsham and was appointed to the Governing Body at Leechpool School.

I believe that governors have a very important job to do not only because they hold the school to account but also because they support the staff and the children in all they do.

I hope that my experience in teaching has enabled me to better understand the many changes that are happening in education and at Leechpool at the present time. Schools need a strong Governing Body to support and challenge their work and I am very happy to be part of the dedicated team we have at Leechpool School.

Mr Derick Bostridge

Community Governor: Public Relations and Media Lead

Two of my grandchildren live in Horsham. The eldest is now in Leechpool's Year 3 and her sister joined the school in September 2018.

Although they live out of area, my daughter and son-in-law chose to apply to Leechpool because they were so mightily impressed when they met the head and saw for themselves the secure, happy, confidence building and outward looking environment that she and her staff have created for the children in their care.

I was similarly struck on my visits to the school. Like the Leechpool team, I believe passionately in the vital importance of providing children not only with rock solid foundations in literacy and numeracy but also with a love of learning and interests and enthusiasms across and beyond the formal curriculum.

School and home share the enormous responsibility of helping our young people to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, qualities and values that will help them navigate successfully through their school years, and beyond. Now retired, I hope to use my broad communication and marketing experience - spanning both business and the world of education - to contribute to Leechpool’s continued success in enabling our children to become the best that they can be.

Miss Sarah Cullern

Staff Governor: Curriculum and School Liaison Lead

I am Sarah Cullern and have been a teacher at Leechpool Primary for 16 years, joining the Governing Body 2 years ago. I work across all ages and curriculum areas, which I feel gives me an insight into the education we provide at Leechpool and this allows me to make valuable and informed contributions to our meetings.

I believe that our school, with the support of parents, staff and governors, sets firm foundations to enable the children to reach their full potential - to be the best that we can be ......

Mrs Nicola Davenport

Staff Governor: Headteacher

I am Nicola Davenport the Headteacher of Leechpool Primary School, a post I have held since September 2012. I have worked in education for over 34 years and for the last 25 years have been Headteacher or Local Authority Adviser both in the UK and overseas.

I love my job and believe it to be the best job in the world. I am passionate that all the children of the school have the best opportunities to reach their full potential in all aspects of school life. I am very proud to work with such a great team of governors and staff at Leechpool who are all very dedicated to ensuring that we are the best we can be.

Mrs Olivia Ellery

Community Governor: Human Resources Lead

Hello, I joined as Community Governor at Leechpool Primary School in 2014. I live in Horsham with my husband and our son. I grew up in West Sussex and have been living in Horsham for 3 years.

I have been working within an HR environment for over five years. I wanted to give back to the community and therefore joined the governing body to use my experience to assist the school. I love working together with the Governing body to continue to deliver the very best for the pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community.

I really enjoy my visits to my allocated year group, I have been fortunate that I started my journey as a Governor when my year group were in Foundation Stage and each year I move up the school with them.

Mrs Fiona Franklin

Parent Governor: SEND Lead

I am the parent of a boy who is now in the upper school. I was educated in Horsham and later the University of Westminster, reading Law. I practised as a solicitor before becoming a full-time mum in 2008. I returned to work as a part-time Teaching Assistant in January 2015.

I wanted to use my professional skills and experience as a mother to support Leechpool and volunteered to help with various activities until I became an Associate Governor in November 2013. I became a Parent Governor in September 2014 with a focus on special educational needs and premises/health. I became Chair of Leechpool Caterpillar Club (including Leechpool Caterpillars Nursery), the pre-school within the grounds of Leechpool in November 2015.

I have a broad range of skills and enjoy offering my enthusiasm and commitment to children through my role as a Parent Governor. I consider it a privilege to support our Headteacher, enthusiastic staff and pupils in a role which is both strategic and hands on, working hard to improve standards whilst aiming for excellence. Working with a team which tries to ensure a positive experience for all the children is an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Mrs Michelle Letley

Staff Governor: Curriculum and School Liaison Lead

Hello, my name is Michelle Letley and I am the non-teaching staff governor here at Leechpool. I have been a governor at the school for over 8 years, I wanted to become involved with the school so that I could help to contribute and make an impact together with others, striving to make Leechpool the best within Horsham.

I enjoy being part of Leechpool's governing body; within our body there are people with differing skills and talents, we pull together using these strengths to ensure that we help Leechpool to be the very best it can be!

Mr Gary Marlow

Co-opted Governor: PE and Sports Premium Lead

Hello my name is Gary Marlow and I have been involved with a range of committees over the years. I was the youngest chairman of Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club at 23, Vice Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses, Vice Chair of West Sussex Policy Team and Chair of Horsham Round Table. I am currently a Trustee for the Association for Physical Education National Board and the Chair of the South East Region. I was awarded the UOB Alumni of the Year 2011 for services to sport and charity work and I have worked with, and supported, a number of schools to achieve an 'outstanding' rating in Ofsted inspections.

I have two two daughters at Leechpool and have a passion and drive to make a difference as a Governor. I believe that the experiences I have gained in teaching, coaching, owning my own business, training and working with others who have disabilities will enable me to make a real difference to the children of Leechpool.

Mrs Sara Page

Parent Governor: Parent Liaison Lead

My name is Sara Page and I have a daughter in Year 6. Since she joined Leechpool in September 2012 it really has gone from strength to strength under the excellent leadership of the Headteacher, her staff and the Governing Body, which I am proud to now be a part of.

I have been Vice Chair of the school’s PTA, LEAF, since 2012 and have enjoyed helping out with tasks at the various events, and I ran the LEAF discos for 2 years. Whilst I remain involved with LEAF I was looking for a new challenge to bring my skills and enthusiasm to the school, and this is why I ran for the position of Parent Governor.

My background is in insolvency, and for the last 17 years I have been dealing with corporate administrations, liquidations and the bankruptcies of individuals. I have been working in Brighton for a national firm of Insolvency Practitioners for just over 11 years.

I believe that Leechpool is an outstanding school and I want to do all I can to ensure that the children continue to have the best possible opportunities to allow them to achieve.

In my spare time I follow West Ham United home and away with my daughter.

Mr Jim Rae

Community Governor: Finance Lead

Why did I feel I wanted to be a Governor, what could I contribute to Leechpool Primary School?

My name is Jim Rae and for better or worse I have a philosophy and it goes like this. Nothing is simple or easy in life, nothing is given to you; if you truly want the best from life – you have to put in the groundwork. To me, one of the most important building-blocks in life is education, a well-rounded, solid educational platform means so much, and it opens-up so many opportunities in later life to make one’s life interesting, happy and productive.

My early school years in inner-city London were not easy, it was only when I reached the age of nine and only then with a massive input from my parents and teachers did I start to build and enjoy my schooling; I make no bones – I was and still am one of life’s slow starters, one of life’s plodders!

Looking back on that input and looking back on the opportunities I opened-up in life only because of others help has made me truly passionate about giving every child the opportunity and help to make their own lives more fulfilled through achieving that solid educational platform.

I am no teacher, though in business I have guided and mentored colleagues for many years in Accountancy. However, I do have skills other than pure teaching that I can lend to Leechpool to help our qualified, dedicated and passionate teachers educate every child and give every child the best platform that Leechpool Primary School can offer. That is my simple but passionate view upon education.

Mr Vinod Wagjiani

Parent Governor: Internet Safety Lead

Elected October 2017, my daughter is now in Year 4 and my son settling into Year 1. It has been rewarding to be able to contribute Leechpool which is, I believe, an outstanding school.

Building from the success the school has recently had with their results, I want to continue and make sure that our children get the best quality education and support they can whilst at Leechpool.

I have a strong knowledge and skills in child protection and Digital Online Safety, I have worked with a number of schools to help them identify improvements in these areas and raise awareness with parents. I aim to provide the same level of support at Leechpool Primary School and ensure the children have the most rewarding time.