Proposed Music Room

The Governors and LEAF are pleased to announce that the music room project is well underway.  The new Music Box should be ready for use by the end of the Autumn Term 2017.

If you have any fundraising ideas or comments about the proposed plans, please let the school office know.

What is the music box?


The Music Box will be an exciting new space at the front of the school to be used for music, drama and dance.  It will be a community space and open to hire after school.  Leechpool Primary do not have a dedicated space for music, drama and dance and this will give the children more opportunities.


What will the music box look like?


It will be a modular building.  Please look above to see some of the first drawings of what it will look like.  The room will be bright due to the big bi-folding doors at the front.  There will be access into the main building via the existing music corridor.  We are hoping to have AstroTurf steps at the front.


How is it funded?

A company called Ecopod Design will be building the music box.   The total nett cost is approximately £110,000.  The school will provide just over half of the money with the rest financed over 5 years.  The school’s money is made up of savings, LEAF money and Leechfest money.  We have also been lucky to have a significant donation from a pupil's Grandmother, for which we are very grateful.  We need to continue fundraising via Leechfest and other events so that we can afford the repayments over the next 5 years.  Funding will also come from the lettings that the school have in the main hall and new lettings in the Music Box.