'Transformational' impact of Leechpool's new classrooms

After four years of planning and consultation with West Sussex County Council, the deteriorating facilities that comprised our 'temporary' outside classrooms and Leechpool's Caterpillar Nursery were demolished in 2017 and outstanding new build facilities have now been installed in their place.  
The school now has two bright, modern Year 4 classrooms, a safe and secure purpose-designed Nursery - which is now also home to Leechpool’s After School Club - as well as much needed additional toilet facilities.  The generously proportioned corridor that links the new classrooms to the main school buildings is imaginatively exploited as a shared learning space for Year 3 and 4 pupils. 
The impact of the new facilities goes way beyond the obvious. Children and staff say that the whole look of the school has been enhanced, views from the classrooms have improved and access to play areas and the school’s extensive green spaces are a great deal easier. The changes have also enabled more efficient end-of-day arrangements for pupils, thereby increasing their learning time every day of every school week.

Finally, and very importantly, Mrs Davenport and her staff have, at long last, been able to re-organise the location of classes, learning facilities and associated resources into logical ‘learning zones’. The Nursery is now properly aligned with the Reception class, thus easing transition into the first year of formal schooling.  Infants, lower juniors and upper juniors now exist within their own clearly defined learning environments enabling ready access to appropriate resources and significantly more effective collaboration within and between staff learning teams, and their pupils. “The overall impact” said Mrs Davenport “has been transformational. Within a few months of the new school year, we were already able to identify improvements in progress and standards and seen an increasingly mature approach in class groups as they interact more closely with their immediate seniors.”


In the wake of these developments, significant improvements have now been made to our infant playground and various related facilities.

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