Our Staff

Leechpool Primary School has a dedicated and enthusiastic team who all support the children throughout the school.

leadership team

  • Mrs Nicola Davenport


  • Mr Robert Cooper

    Assistant Headteacher

    Responsible for all aspects of Curriculum and Achievement

  • Miss Emma Payne

    Assistant Headteacher

    Inclusion and Achievement SENCO with responsibility for all aspects of SEND and Inclusion


  • Miss Hannah Kemp

    Class Teacher / Early Years Phase Leader

    Teacher of Kangaroo Class. Subject leader for Art.

  • Miss Olivia Morgan

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Koala class. Subject leader for PSHE.

  • Mrs Lisa Harrison

    HLTA / Learning Support Assistant

  • Miss Marli Hollis

    SEND Learning Support Assistant

  • Mr Mike Powell

    SEND Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Lisa Wade

    Learning Support Assistant

year 1

  • Miss Ellie Bennett

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Hedgehog Class. Subject leader for mathematics.

  • Miss Evie Perry-Mason

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Squirrel Class. Subject leader for music and performing arts.

  • Mrs Wendy Child

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Leila Newman

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Ms Karen Tartaglia

    Learning Support Assistant

year 2

  • Miss Frankie Hollis

    Class Teacher / Key Stage 1 Phase Leader

    Teacher of Penguin class. Subject leader for English.

  • Mrs Alice Mcilwraith

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Seal Class Monday - Tuesday. Subject leader for science.

  • Miss Rachel Wylie

    Class Teacher

    Teach of Seal Class Wednesday - Friday. Subject leader for computing.

  • Mrs Faye Francis

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Julie Jones

    Teaching Assistant

year 3

  • Mr Paul Munro

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Jaguar Class. Subject leader for RE.

  • Miss Coco Thaddeus

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Llama Class. Subject leader for geography and history.

  • Mrs Janine Murphy

    Teaching Assistant

year 4

  • Mrs Wendy Tye

    Class Teacher / Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

    Teacher of Bear Class. Phase Leader for Years 3 and 4. Subject leader for science.

  • Miss Alison Currington

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Eagle Class Wednesday - Friday. Subject leader for geography and history.

  • Mrs Emily Vowels

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Eagle Class Monday - Wednesday. Subject leader for DT.

  • Mrs Carrie Best

    Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Karen Jones

    SEND Learning Support Assistant

  • Mrs Alison Richardson

    Teaching Assistant

year 5

  • Miss Lucy Simpson

    Class Teacher / Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

    Teacher of Lion Class. Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6. Subject leader for PE.

  • Mr David Dodd

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Giraffe Class. Subject leader for English.

  • Mrs Jackie Triccas

    Learning Support Assistant

year 6

  • Mr Ryan Clancey

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Tiger Class.

  • Mr William Dyball

    Class Teacher

    Teacher of Panda Class. Subject leader of mathematics.

  • Mrs Vanessa Clack

    Teaching Assistant

specialist staff

  • Mr Dan Barden

    PE Sports Coach / HLTA / LSA

    PE Coach. HLTA. LSA.

  • Mrs Charlotte Bazeley

    Art Teacher

    Art teacher - PPA. Cover teacher. Subject leader for art.

  • Mr Sam Chapman

    Maths Teacher

    Maths teacher for Years 4, 5, and 6.

  • Miss Sarah Cullern

    MFL Teacher / Enrichment Leader

    MFL teacher - PPA. MFL subject leader. Enrichment leader. Cover teacher.

  • Mr Daniel Gilmore

    Music Teacher

  • Mrs Merche Gutierrez

    Spanish Teacher / Senior Catering Supervisor

  • Mrs Michelle Letley

    Learning Mentor KS1 - KS2 / HLTA - KS1

administration team

  • Mrs Hazel Wellcome

    School Business Manager / Data Protection Officer

  • Mrs Pippa Asprey

    School Administrator

  • Mrs Sarah Kingsford

    School Administrator

it technician

  • Mr Ismail Zafar

    IT Technician


  • Mrs Julia Lowson

    Librarian / Breakfast / Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Mickey Joyce

    Librarian / Breakfast / Lunchtime Supervisor

premises team

  • Mr John Anderson

    Maintenance Manager

  • Mr Pete Smith

    Premises Officer

lunchtime supervisors

  • Mrs Sue Glover

    Senior Breakfast and Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs April Fountain

    Breakfast / Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Penny Lucas Power

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Janice Randall

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Gina Stapley

    Breakfast / Lunchtime Supervisor