Water in School

Water bottles in Class

To clarify the situation regarding fruit drinks in water bottles as a number of families have asked us about this. Water bottles in class are for water only and we ask that these bottles are available in class to keep the children hydrated during lesson times. Only water is to be drunk in classrooms during lesson time.
We offer the opportunity for families to purchase milk for those children who would like it. This is drunk in class with the fruit snacks that are provided in Key Stage 1 and time is set aside by the class teachers for the children to do this. At break times children may bring a carton of fruit drink to have or they may purchase a fruit drink from the school snack shop (if available) or to eat a fruit snack. Such drinks will be drunk during break and not throughout lessons.
Fruit drinks may be drunk at lunchtime with packed lunches. Water bottles that come to school with fruit juice in will be returned to families, or the children will have the option to empty these and fill these with water from the school’s drinking fountains. We do hope this clarifies the situation. If you have any questions please contact the school office.