Parents' Evening Bookings

Parents Evening Booking GridWe’ll send you an email to let you know when the booking window is open for each consultation.  There will be a link in the message to get you started.  

You will need to log in to the Parent Portal, then choose Parents Evenings from the menu.  Select the consultation evening from the list and then use the booking timetable to make your reservations.  

The child you are booking for will show in the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you have more than one child at our school, you will see a circle for each child. Simply click on the relevant circle to select the child you want to make a booking for. Find the teacher and time you’d like to book and click to reserve the time slot. The selection will show in green with the word “RESERVED” (see image on the left). The time allocated for each slot will be automatically populated. The slot will be reserved for 10 minutes. To confirm the reservation you’ll need to click on the save button in the bottom right corner. If you need to edit a reservation or add a note, you can do this under “My Bookings”.

Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email, plus you can return here and check “My Bookings” to see, and edit, your appointments at any time.  You can also add notes to your appointments, which will be shared with your child's teacher.