Children will gain an interest in and curiosity about the past in Horsham, Britain and the wider world and will think of themselves as historians.

They will have an increased knowledge and understanding of the how the past influences the present.

They will develop an understanding of chronology and be able to apply this to significant events and people they study.

They will develop competence in specific historical skills.

Children are empowered and informed learners and citizens. They have an awareness and understanding of what life was like in different periods in history and can relate this to their own lives and compare to other time periods.

They will be increasingly confident and appropriately use subject vocabulary, historical terms and language.

They will have an increasing level of knowledge and understanding of subject content and concepts.

Children will develop an understanding of how reliable the evidence is and the importance of using a range of evidence.


A progressive school curriculum (based on the National Curriculum and EYFS curriculum), will focus on historical skills, building on what has been taught before as well as progressing through the humanities skills ladder.

Children will use a range of relevant historical resources including local experts, artefacts, photographs, local museum and other relevant historical sources.

Children will be given the opportunities to experience history through trips visits and workshops.

Teachers will use key questions to direct children’s thinking/ enquiry about places, people or cultures.

Children will discuss and debate topics listening and considering the thoughts of others.

 Their learning will be evidenced in working class journals or topic books in a variety of ways such as maps, diagrams photos and topic based writing.


Children will gain a curiosity of the past, and develop their interest of the how they fit in to local history and the wider world.

Children will think of themselves as historians with a strong sense of how they fit into the wider world. They will be equipped to continue with their education, also to make broader decisions about their own lives.

Children will achieve age related expectations across the wider curriculum.

Children will be confident in using historical terms and language and have an increasing knowledge and understanding of chronology, subject content and concepts.

Children will develop the skill of checking how reliable the source is and the importance of using a range of evidence.